• List the Qualities, Characteristics, ect. of the person/life you want and strive to be. 
  • List what changes are needed to be done within yourself to allow you to have those qualities/life. 

In response to the first activity, I would like to list my qualities and characteristics of the person I want to be. 

  1. Be more of an environmentally aware person
    1. Start by practicing a zero waste lifestyle and become more involved in the preservation of the land. I would need to actually practice my concerns and beliefs instead of being a hypocrite.
  2. Disconnect from phone and TV. 
    1.  Start spending more time in nature. Fill boredom with doing things instead of laying around looking at a screens.
  3. Be more courageous 
    1. In regards to making friends, doing things alone, and to make changes. 
    2. Friends – I need to be able to get out of my comfort zone and create relationships instead of acquaintances. This means to recognize the need for friendships and being able to open and share your life with others.
    3. Doing things alone – I grew up with an instilled fear or ominous tone that if I wasn’t at home or work something bad was going to happen. As a female you are self taught to make sure your not being followed and carry extra precautions, because someone is always trying to get you. I need to stop living in fear. Always be protective of yourself and aware of danger but overcome this undertone that I will be in danger if I’m not safe at home. I need to once again get out of my comfort zone and allow myself to experience the world. I am holding myself back.
    4. Make Changes – I need the courage to instill the changes and create a new lifestyle that will benefit my needs. The courage to stay strong around others and not cave on my changes for my health. 
  4. Become more in tune with my body and respect its needs.
    1. I will need to practice meditation, Kundalini yoga, and be more health conscious of what goes into my body. I need to change the want to eat unhealthy or do exercises that harm my body. The way I view what healthy and strong is and what it means to me will be the key psychological factors that will spark this change.
  5. Become less stressed or anxious about things I can and can not change.
    1. Practicing meditation and yoga will create a balance in my life. We all get stressed from time to time but knowing how to manage it is the key to a happier life. I need to change my thought process of the things that stress me out and change my reactions of old coping mechanisms.
  6. Love myself more and be okay with the past.
    1. We have all experienced some bad times in our lives. I have understood the past but I now need to move on from those behaviors I learned as a child. I need to show more self love and reflections on how I can heal those issue, now that I understand more. With the help of books, meditation, reflection, and yoga I believe I will be able to change my thought process with the right directions. 

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