Sadhana: Self Realization

The description of Sadhana in the book was very long and detailed. Yet, very inspiring and exciting. Sadhana is a self discipline to experience and realize yourself. You master your mind and soften your ego over your thoughts and emotions. The goal is awareness, consciousness and the ability to live as a fulfilled individual. You are to repeat kirys which are mantras, hundreds of times to produce a self grit and strong spirit. It builds flexibility, consciousness and commitment. In this process you are burning off old patterns and cleaning out your subconscious. You learn how to incorporate stillness, non-attachment, and neutrality in your life. It is not something done every now and then, it is a discipline that your must live by to master your mind. Sadhana is used to bring about true love, trust, and spirit to you and everyone around you. It brings you the sensitivity to know, feel and intuition to touch reality. It is a method that is 3 fold. 

  1. Japa – repetition 
  2. Tapa – Heat of impulsation 
  3. Sanjam – Merger through meditation on a very slow conscious breath (simran)

A method that allows you to recognize, love, and accept yourself and all creation. 

This is brief description of Sadhana and note that my practice is just beginning and you must read the book to fully understand the full practice. This is just my interpretation and understanding of the literature. 

Sunrise, Sunset

The practice of Sadhana is 3 stages

  1. sadhana
  2. aradgana
  3. prabhupati
  1. Sadhana: 

Sadhana is a routine performed for at max 2.5 hrs in the morning before the sun comes up. It can also be performed during a sunset or full moon. Your body should be in tune with the cycles of the earth. 

Step 1: Choose a space that is suitable for meditation sounds, color, smell and past use of the room should be taken into account, as your energy will be sensitive to external vibrations. Keep this room clean, neat, smelling fresh and temperature suitable. Sharp noises and interruptions should be minimized. 

Step 2: Start a wake up routine; this mean doing some bed easy bed yoga. Perform 26 long breaths and feel the energy charging every cell of your body and awakening your blood stream. Then build your aura; by inhaling and making a fist with your thumb tips over your head. Then on the exhale move your arms out 60 degrees and pull your fingertips into the pads of your hands. While breathing breath of fire 1-3 min. Get up and practice yoga poses that work on breathing, nerves, glands, and spines are perfect for Sadhana. 

Step 3: Take a cold/warm shower and awaken your body by massaging your face, feet, hands and ears. Clear your mind while you shower by singing, mantra, or positive thoughts. 

Step 4: Wear loose white clothes for sitting and natural white fiber cloth for the head. This allows your mind to be more alert and cooperative as an important event will take place.  The head scarf is to promote subtle protection over the flows of energy released during deep meditation.

Step 5: Sit on animal skin, wool blanket, or wood as they insulate your psycho-electromagnetic field from the electromagnetic field of the earth. 

Step  6: Tune in by saying the Adi Shakti Mantra 3-5 times. Adi Shakti Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Which means I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within. It sets the ego aside and protects the body. 

Step 7: Use the 3 types of mantras during meditation the Adi Shakti, Ashtang Bij, or Panj Shabd- Sa Ta Na Ma. Using a breathing rhythm and neutral mind chant Sa Ta Na Ma. 

Step 8: After each exercise rest in silence to integrate the change, experience, and sensitivity.  

Step 9: Once you have finished Sadhana you must prepare for deep relaxation by getting in corpse pose for at least 10-20 min and notice the change in your energy patterns. Some people have outer body experiences. 

Once you have reflected on your journey it is good to practice Kirtan, which is active songs that bring you back into the world.  

2. Aradhana is an attitude of life or consistent habit. Habits take at least 40 to 90 days for you to sense the energy and behavior change. You must realize that meditation is priority.

3. Prabhupati opens your consciousness beyond the subconscious. You are no longer divided and have a clear mind. Your life becomes harmonious as you accept and feel more. It can give you the power forgive the unforgivable.

Full Moon Energy

As I read this chapter I know it will be easier for me to practice Sadhana before bed. It is very hard for me to wake up early especially with my full day ahead. I will be able to commit 2hrs of my afternoon as the sun goes down rather than when it is rising. The chapter also explains the levels of consciousness and how to navigate through them.

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