Week 2: Ultimate Why

Hope everyone had a good week. So I didn’t do really well on the meal plan I set up for myself last week, and did not do so well with my goal of walking 3 miles a day. I am in week 3 of recovery from my microdiscectomy surgery and suffered a lot of pain after trying that goal on day 1. So I decided to stick with walking 1.5-2 miles daily not on a treadmill but just doing my daily activities. So he told me start the walking goal of 3 miles on my 4th to 5th week of recovery and to take it easy as I am still healing. So weight loss can be frustrating but there are many cycles of motivation, plateau and slips. Last week my husband wanted to share dinner as a meal so I ran out of food. I was able to stick to the planned breakfast and lunch but dinner consisted of 4oz chicken, brown rice and a veggie. We also went to a Greek restaurant on Friday I ordered a lamb shoulder, rice, and side salad. Plus we also went to a party and I had about 5 drinks (vodka cranberry). I don’t like restricting myself too much but i know knowing that it’s okay in moderation. I am tired of punishing myself and living an all or nothing lifestyle with food. So this week we made a plan to share dinner together so I am planning accordingly. I am sticking to my meal plan this week and starting a new goal of 2 miles a day on the treadmill. This week should be fool proof. Weight loss is slow and takes time but it is key to make everyday count.


Starting a weight loss goal you must have the ULTIMATE WHY. Why? because you must focus on the reasons of why you want to lose weight and hone in on that motivation. This reason may change throughout your journey and that is okay. Just be sure to update it on your wall or journal of motivation.

My Ultimate Why: To prevent any further back pain I must create a strong core and healthy weight range.

So what new goals will I have this week! I decided to change some things up with my meal plan just to make it more organized and make cooking easier as I will share dinner with my husband.

Week 1 weigh in results: 148lbs (-1lb)

Exercise: 2 miles a day

Meal Plan: 1,200 Calorie Meal Plan. Breakfast 200-400 cal, Lunch 300-500, Dinner 300-500, Snack 100-300, Freebie 100-200 cal

Mon 1,019 Cal Tue 1,051 calWed Thur Fri SatSun
Breakfast: 242 cal
Breakfast Sandwich

1. 1 Whole Wheat English Muffin
2. 1 slice Canadian Bacon
3. 1 Egg white
4. 1/4c of Spinach
5. 1 slice Asiago Cheese
Breakfast Sandwich
without any spinach
but with 1c Grapes
350 cal

Meal Same as MondayMeal same as TueMeal same as MonMeal same as TueMeal same as Mon
Chicken Cesar Salad with side apple
209 cal

1. 4 oz Chicken (Italian seasoned)
2. 1c Romaine lettuce
3. 1tbsp bolthouse Cesar dressing
4. 1 apple

Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup
Same as Mon but with homemade whole wheat croutons
269 cal
Same as Monday but with 1/2c baby carrots side
239 cal

Same as TueSame as Mon
Same as TueSame as Wed
Turkey Meatball Spaghetti with side salad and balsamic vinaigrette.
294 cal

1. 99% lean ground turkey, 2 – 2oz meatballs
2. 1/2c whole wheat pasta
3. 1/4c Organic spaghetti sauce
4. 1c Romaine lettuce
5. 1tbsp Balsamic vinegrette
Same as mon but replace whole wheat pasta with 1/2c zoodles
216 cal
Same as Mon
Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup
Same as TueSame as MonSame as TueSame as Mon
Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup

1. 4oz turkey
2. 1c pineapple
174 cal

1. 4oz Turkey
2. 1c cucumbers
Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup
116 cal
Same as MonSame as Tue

Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup
Same as MonSame as Tue

Freebie: 100 cal Pudding cup
Same as Mon

As you can see I am short around 119-181 calories, this give me some leeway as I do not add the olive oil calories when I cook. I usually use 2tbs on the pan and the added ingredients used to make the meatballs (Italian breadcrumbs and eggs). You may see this meal plan and think this doesn’t meet your goals. Everyone may have different diet plans like low fat, low carb, or low sugar. I am trying to accomplish a healthy balanced diet that allows me to eat more fruits and veggies. In the end I am still able to reach my weight goal without trying any fad diets. I am still able to enjoy the things I like in moderation and create the boundaries of portion control. We have all grew up with unhealthy eating habits and yet fall flat with fad diets that allow us to lose weight but not keep the pounds off. I am practicing something that will last for years to come.


Diet tip #1 Eat more foods that have more satiety this means the ability to feel satisfied after eating a meal. Do you ever eat a bag a chips and still feel hungry for more? This is an example of satiety, eating a bag of grapes will make you feel more full than eating a bag of chips. It is mostly due to the water content in the foods that we choose. Foods that carry more water make us feel more full so next time you feel like snacking go for raw fruits and veggies. Snacking on low calorie foods will help you feel full without the sacrifice of your caloric budget.

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