Just get me out of here!

So typical of the military to ruin plans. Last week was just awful. My husband tried to apply to the career skills program but our commander denied his 6 months and only offered 2 months of an internship before he can separate. He wants to be fair and offer everyone the same amount of time. I do not agree with his reasoning but there is nothing we can do. I have rethought all of my options and the palace chase program seems to be the answer. It allows me to separate early and join the guard, I will be able to stay with my husband and in away it’s like we are leaving together. This means I will do 2 years in the Air National Guard if I can separate early. I am certain this plan will work because it will be up to our Career Field Manager instead of the Commander. Basically our career field is over manned giving me a better outlook on separating early. If it all gets denied then I am once again stuck. Everything seems to be in the air so as of right now I don’t have many plans just hopes and dreams for something better. My husband is also considering this option as well. I always seem to think that I will always find a way. So never give up on your goals and stay strong.

Nexplanon Removal

I am excited to say I am completely medication free! I no longer have to take any nerve/back medication and have recently got my Nexplanon removed. I have been having a lot of complications such as dysparenuia, IBS, and appendicitis over the last few years. I’ve had the implant in for 3 years and had a hunch it was my birth control but doctors seemed not to question it. I had the Nexplanon removed 24 Jan. They numbed up the area and removed the implant in less than 10min. That afternoon I felt soreness and tenderness around the site. They closed the wound with glue, a band aid, and a pressure bandage. I had to wear a pressure bandage for 24 hrs then I could remove it and keep the band aid on for another 48hrs. After it all healed I felt nothing from the site at all. I would have to say my body felt like it was getting back to normal. I could immediately tell a difference in my sex drive and did not experience any dysparenuia. Within the first week I noticed I didn’t have any strong IBS symptoms such as tummy pain, headaches, or nausea. I decided to tweak my diet and add some trigger foods just to see what would happen. And? Nothing did happen, I felt very normal. I received my first period off the implant on 28 Jan. It was normal and lasted for 5 days, I had the typical PMS symptoms but a lot of nausea. After it was over I felt normal again but kinda moody. Then on the 7th of Feb I ended up getting my period again with the same nausea associated with it. This time it seems to be more moderate. The doctor said my body will be adjusting and can take up to 6 months to be on a regular cycle. I wish there was a more natural alternative because I’m tired of feeling sick and in pain. I am looking into more natural ways for birth control such as a tracker/basal thermometer. I honestly believe that Nexplanon was causing a lot of my symptoms but I will need more time for my body to even out to make sure. I am just excited to be medication free.

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