Room for Improvement

Last week was a bit off. I got my “second” period due to the Nexplanon removal and my appetite, nausea, and cravings have been hit or miss. I caved a lot on meat. I felt very tired a lot and feel that I may be not hitting my caloric goal. I will set my meal plan but end up not buying enough ingredients so I’ll end up being short. This week I will be doing a vegetarian breakfast and lunch but will be incorporating salmon into dinner to maintain my calories. I also worked out all last week with no problem with pain and feel by March I can take a physical training test. I usually score very well on these test at least a 90% but my main goal will be to just pass. This means running a 1.5 miles in 16min. have a waist 32in or lower, 40 push ups, and 40 sit ups. This will allow me to score an 80% which is a good goal for now. This week I will be working on cardio, push ups, crunches and yoga. I will have till the end of March to test and I am sure I will hit my goals. Last week my stamina was poor but I could definitely feel it growing. I think working on my flexibility will be detrimental for my success. So I plan on doing 15min of yoga daily. With the promise of jogging/running I ended up buying shoes that were meant for back pain. I bought Brooks Ghost 11 shoes for $120 at Hibbet sports. I haven’t experienced any problems with them yet and they do feel great to walk in. So with these new goals in mind I will be sure to post my inches at the end of this week to document my progress.

Air Force PT Standards for Women under 30
Brooks: Ghost 11 $120

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