Try Again

This week was bad. I ended up not being able to meal prep. We went out to eat multiple times due to friends leaving and having “going away” dinners. So this week I will be trying again. I have also been working with a physical therapist and he advises against me doing a PT test this early in recovery. So no sit ups, push ups, or crazy running. I decided to take another step back and listen. I am doing the same cardio as planned but am now going to work on strengthening exercises that I have been doing with my therapist. Most of these exercises include chest press and chest fly. I will be using the machines provided at the gym to get a more controlled motion. I will also do bird dog exercises, my list of stretches from the physical therapist, crunches as well as my usual cardio. Please see the new workout plan and similar meal plan from last week. I am sticking to a vegetarian breakfast and lunch then having fish for dinner just like last week.


Arm: 13 in

Bust: 35 in

Waist: 31 in

Stomach: 37 in

Butt: 40 in

Thigh: 24.5

So 2 weeks have past since my last measurements and I have lost .5 inch on my stomach and thighs. This week was not ideal but I’m hoping to keep trying to get some great measurements by the end of the month.

Chest Press
Chest Fly

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