White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is located 20 miles West of Alamogordo NM, it is a breath of fresh air from all the vast and desert land around. It is mounds and dunes of white gypsum sand that span for miles. It is soft and cool on your feet and there are a multitude of animals that live within this isolated ecosystem. In the spring and fall winds pick up the sand and carry it across the desert. While the summer brings a coolness as the sand retains moisture. White Sands is famous for its moon hikes as the whole area become illuminated by the night sun. Many people have gotten lost in the area so it is wise to bring lots of water and always not to stray far. I captured the Worm Moon in March and it was gorgeous! It brightened the night sky and brought a sense of energy to the area with its fullness. Definitely a recommended place to visit in New Mexico.

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Disabled Veteran traveling with chronic back pain & practicing Ayurvedic self care routines

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