The Waiting Game

I have put my application to get in to the Air National Guard on March 22. This is the 3rd week that it has sat in the same office in headquarters. I am impatiently waiting but feel there is nothing I can do. While I wait I am applying to many jobs and have had multiple interviews. I will have my degree in Organizational Leadership by July and will use both my GI bill and MilTA. I have graduated from physical therapy and I am much stronger and flexible then where I was back then. The turn around is huge and I am able to push forward with my life and not ever have to think about back pain. I do like to stretch every other day so I am getting back into yoga. I feel that I am growing but almost held back by the Air Force. I want to move and start my road trip early May so I now have a month to get things rolling. My goal is to find a career that better suits me. I no longer want to push on with the days on doing things I do not want to do. I am looking into fashion schools in the Northeast and want to work in some type of management position while I go to school. My idea is to make ethical and fashionable clothes by the use of thrift stores. My vision for the future is exciting but right now I have to wait. My husband was able to do the Career Skills Program and will leave this weekend. He will start his life in our new town and I can’t wait to follow him. Though while he is away I will try and do some of the NM bucket list locations before it is my time to go. I am looking forward to this journey, if I get denied I will only have till December to prepare to do the Career Skills Program. Everyone in my shop is taking me off programs and telling me I will be gone but it is still hard to believe until I am fully released.

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Teaching self care practices with the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, & Sound Healing

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