Hurry UP!

Hurry up and Wait

I am coming up on week 6 of my palace chase package sitting at AFPC (AF headquarters). I was tentatively approved on 17 April and it has been sitting at the last step (action/review) for 2 weeks. I have called every week anxiously waiting to out process, still nothing. Case Management System and vMPF has been up and down today. Reaching out to the In Service Recruiter helps as well. He is able to call AFPC on my behalf and be able to get more information than I would. I reached out to him on Monday and told him my situation with interviews and moving to see if he could push for an answer this week. I would like to be out of here by 8 May, so my husband can travel cross country with me. I am losing hope but have made alternate plans with my cousin to road trip with me instead. The Air Force (TMO) will be taking everything out of our little house by 2 May. I will sleep on the floor and have to eat out until I can leave. Once they take everything I will work with a property manager to start getting the house ready to rent.

I already have a job/internship lined up in July but have other in person interviews for full time positions in mid May. It is very nerve racking without any date to give my future employees. My job search has been around the Boston Ma area but am also looking at opportunities near Plymouth. I just feel so frustrated as the days go by, the more I think about the future and want to start living my other life now is making my days at work hard. My work is very open and understanding about it. They have allowed me to focus on getting out. I don’t like sitting around at work, so I have been planning a retirement ceremony for our Superintendent. I feel like it’s a great project to take on for my last days.

I have also registered for summer classes. I should have my BS in Organizational Leadership by July. I used tuition assistance for 2 classes starting 13 May till my DOS which should be 20 June. The GI bill will be taking care the last part of my classes that are from 3 June to 26 July. I will be taking online classes and am eligible for BAH and the book stipend. I applied for the GI bill early April and just got the letter of Eligibility by 24 April. I was actually impressed with the timely response. I just have to submit the paper work to my University.

As for my health I am coming up on Month 5 post surgery for my back. I have strayed away from using weights or doing weighted squats. I am focusing on cardio and calisthenics. I get very sore from the calisthenics and feel it is perfect for my weight loss goals. As for my diet, since they are taking all of my dishes I plan to have fruit for breakfast, sandwiches/salads for lunch, and deli chicken for dinner. I have been able to lose 3lbs last week and hope to keep it going during the road trip. I did have a scare at the end of last week and may have overworked myself. I started to get numbness and achy pain in my left foot as well as a little bit of back pain. With rest I am doing better but scheduled some sessions with physical therapy just in case. Working out my legs irritate the sciatic nerve so I think proper rest in between workout days is a must. I still must be patient with my body even though so much time has went by I am still healing. I still feel grateful for the things I am able to do and hope to never see myself limited with pain or movement again.

Overall I am ready to leave New Mexico and become a Civilian again. There is another chapter in my life about to start and I can not wait.


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Disabled Veteran traveling with chronic back pain & practicing Ayurvedic self care routines

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