Good News Bad News

Finally!! I got a message from Air Force Headquarters regarding my Palace Chase package. They informed me on Wednesday May 9th requesting that I be approved (good news) if I change my Date Of Separation to 15 Aug (bad news). The message read that I either accept the date or if I decline my package gets thrown out and I can reapply within 120 days. Of course I accepted. Once I messaged them back they responded saying that I am tentatively approved and the AF Form 1288 will need to be confirmed by my In Service Recruiter. He does have some power to change my DOS because I already accepted a position in the Air National Guard previously to this change. This loophole is my ticket to still leave early. I was going to use my GI bill for the month of June – July but instead cancelled the process and started a funding request for Active Duty Tuition Assistance since my DOS got pushed. So I requested to my ISR that he push for a new DOS of 26 July so I can leave early June and finish my degree. I have already secured an internship that starts in July but would feel very frustrated if I had to cancel any opportunities I had lined up. With terminal and separation TDY I will be able to make it to my new job. This is a roller coaster and if your somewhat of a planner like me then it can become very stressful. Below is a timeline of how the process has been. I think for me to get the FINAL APPROVAL will take the full 8 weeks. So if you plan to go through this process be patient, prepared and persistent.

Going into Week 8 waiting for final approval

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