New Moon Intentions

I have learned that my efforts have been going to waste. I have not been properly planning my goals and when I try I end up failing miserably. I have not cultivated a balance that will serve me. So what I have decided to do was align my energy with the universe. I wanted to go deep within my authentic self and pull out what I want for myself to be truly happy and healthy.

During my meditation class we talked about setting intentions and positive affirmations. The power of the

So Hum Mantra: Meaning “I am That”

there are 3 basic fears that inhibit our growth

  1. Rejection
  2. Financial instability
  3. Health

To combat those fears we simply feed our minds to what we truly need. Instead of saying “Everyone hates me” or “I wish I was rich” or “I am unhealthy” give yourself the positivity you need to grow. We are constantly living in a place of lack and fear. How can we heal if we don’t believe that we actually are? Instead tell your self

  1. I am Accepted
  2. I am Abundant
  3. I am Healthy

This is a trend that our minds should follow.

After learning this I wanted to set up my intentions with the New Moon that was May 22, 2020. I want to realign my efforts with the universe feel the blessings.

How to Set intentions

I love writing in my leather bound book. I think something happens when you put paper to pen/pencil. It is good to reflect first on your true intentions and goals. Meditate and connect with authentic self. What are your true want something that is not influenced by someone else. Go deep and disconnect with this physical world and reality. Feel what your soul truly wants for you. I like to spend some time in my room alone and reflect for about 30 min.

Before I write my intentions I first jot down this short statement for the universe.

"May what I have written and presented to the universe become manifested and be for my well well being and of all concerned, or may something better be welcomed to my soul."

you want to allow the flexibility of the universe to present itself to you in a positive way.

My Intentions

  1. I am going to be a real estate agent
  2. I am going to be a belly dance instructor
  3. I am learning more about yoga
  4. I am growing a beautiful garden
  5. I am meditating everyday
  6. I am one with my authentic self
  7. I am forgiving myself and others
  8. I am working on myself everyday
  9. I am creating my new life
  10. I am sewing and creating garments

As the moon waxes into the Waxing Crescent start to refine your intentions for the Waxing Quarter where you take action.

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