How Yoga Heals Me

What Is Yoga

Yoga comes from ancient Indian philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism dating back to 500 BC. It is comprised of breathing techniques, physical postures, and meditation. The guidelines that shape a yogic lifestyle are the 8 limbs of Yoga. A lifestyle change is something that were all seeking and needing. We have the power to change and create the life we want and deserve.

Yoga and Herniated Discs

Please note that I am no doctor. I am just a desperate soul looking to heal. After an L5-S1 Microdiscectomy, I wanted another option than more surgery, shots, physical therapy, or medication. It seemed that doctors were not as alarmed at my inabilities or flare ups as I was. I remember reading conservative measures at this time in my records. I look to them for answers, like what do I need to do? How should I live? Is there anything naturally that will help?

I’ve been through the Physical Therapy cycles. Every time we would do some type of strength training, my body would go into shock. I would have a debilitating flare up, and it would take 1 full month to heal. By the time I would feel better, I would get productive. Then burn myself out and flare up all over again. I would have to rebuild my strength every time I needed more bed rest.

I realized that I shouldn’t do any strength exercises, no matter how gentle. I stopped going to physical therapy and decided to take my care into my own hands.

I enrolled in Registered Yoga Teacher Training, so I could learn how to move!

How can I help my body that is in pain, compromised, and in need of help? Yoga has given me strength, flexibility, balance, healing, mind body connection, and peace of mind. Through this stressful ride of immobility, breathing more deeply allows me to have acceptance and love. I am still learning and healing so much.

I am hoping to lead by example to share the knowledge and sequences that help me, in hopes to help others.

Published by connectedpines

Disabled Veteran traveling with chronic back pain & practicing Ayurvedic self care routines

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