Ayurveda: My Lifestyle Change

Ayurveda is changing my life.

Good Habits

I am healing energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My body has changed so much. I have herniated discs in my neck and lower back. It is causing me neuropathy problems in my hands, legs, and feet. Moving too much causes flare ups and drop foot/paralysis.

Rest has been my best friend. Giving it to myself has been difficult, mentally and emotionally.

We always feel like were on the go! Like we can’t slow down. It would be unproductive, depressing, and failing at life. It’s lazy!

I finally decided it was time, when I couldn’t move. All I could do was be still. Moving my arms, using my hands, or walking caused headaches and extreme pain.

All I can do at times is just lay aligned and meditate. When my body gets really flared all it wants to do is rest. An all over fatigued feeling sets in and I have to obey. I have no choice physically.

I needed to change! I need to focus more on my health!


I want something better. A life that I can enjoy and call mine.

I felt so ignorant to my disease/disorder/injury. I just want to know more. I think that if I understand my body, and symptoms I can find out how to give myself more care.

I feel like there was no help with Western Medicine. All they wanted to offer me was drugs or surgery.


I started my holistic healing journey in Spring 2020. In hindsight it was good, because everything shut down. My care was literally in my own hands. I started Registered Yoga Teacher training. The training caused flare ups with certain poses and I discovered new triggers. I did learn where all my sensitive spots are and how to protect them.

After training I didn’t feel equipped to teach, mostly because I keep hurting myself. I wanted to use yoga as a healing tool.

So I came up with my own sequences that allowed me to have strength and flexibility.

I learned more about my body and mind. How to breathe and instill calmness in high stressful times.

I became to understand how my body wants me to build strength. Yoga has been so helpful, I have become a daily practitioner.

Everyday is different and it is important to honor your body.

After a repetitive use injury from a manual wheel chair. I wasn’t able to move without causing headaches, dizziness, and weakness. I knew that I needed help with a lifestyle change.

I found Boston Ayurveda School in April 2021. It offered the Personal Ayurvedic Immersion Program.

The program is an introduction to the teachings of Ayurveda. I felt learning a new perspective about health and the human body could help me heal.

I am yearning to know more on how I can help myself heal.

My intake was mostly filling out many forms very similar to the standard medical forms. The difference was the dosha quiz. All of this information helps to form a Master Wellness Plan. This plan helps guide your diet, medicine/supplements, and recommended exercise/meditations.

I met with my Ayurvedic doctor. It was an amazing experience.

She explained Ayurveda beautifully. She asked me this question that tend to stick with me.

“Tell me about you as a baby, before any conditioning?”

Dr. Pratibha

I really had to think about me or the stories I heard about me as a baby. I thought and realized I was a very healthy baby!

I was just was born into a life that was full of stress, domestic abuse, bullying, dysfunction, and the list goes on!

….. I know I’m not alone….

After my appointment, I knew my

1. energetic profile

2. imbalances and how to correct them

The plan is there the rest is up to me.

As I started the training I learned about the great 5 elements and their qualities, the importance of whole organic foods, the role of our internal and external environments and how they affect our being, what we feed our senses, body work, dry brushing, tongue scrapping, and much more.

Ayurveda is changing my life. I am becoming more aware of myself and I take action on the things that are not serving me.

It is not easy, making life changes are hard. Be slow, compassionate, and adventurous. Life is about the journey.

All the realizations and connections I make are helping me grow and become my authentic self. Healing is painful at times, be courageous.

I wholly trust this healing process.

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Disabled Veteran traveling with chronic back pain & practicing Ayurvedic self care routines

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