Soft Glass

Acrylic Painting Soft Glass

Soft Glass is about 2 dreams I had. The one thing that they had in common, was decapitation.

! Warning ! My Dream may be graphic!

First Dream

The first dream I had, was somewhat of a crazy purge gameshow. I was in the audience watching a group of people in a maze. They all had Samurai Swords and were excited to use them. Once the host started the game, they all started running at one another. Hacking, slicing, and decapitating each other. They only aimed for legs or arms. There was no blood, only clean cuts. people would fall down, and get back up.

I felt shocked but couldn’t look away. As everyone started to lose more and more limbs, they started to look around. They showed a look of disgust and horror. They all stopped, dropped their swords, and hobbled away.

The game show host looked regretful. She shouted, ”Wait, we still have to sew you back together!” I couldn’t help to feel sick afterwards and thinking, why did I watch this?

Second Dream

My second dream was located in a big house with many rooms. It was a house party, and I was leaving. I was going around saying goodbye. I came across this dark hallway, I saw a room with the light on. It was a dingy room with green tile. It reminded me of something from the movie SAW.

There was a man on the floor with no arms. I asked if he was okay. He said, ”Yes, but could you help me sit up, and put my arms in that container over there?”

Looking around, I saw his arms were muscular and were contained in these medical, plastic bags. The container he wanted me to put them in was a big plastic blue barrel. I was happy to help him. I sat him up and he thanked me. I made sure he was okay before I left. I walked away from that room, and woke up.

What Does it Mean?

The first dream haunted me for days A few weeks later, I had the second dream. I think the second dream, I felt better, because I could help instead of just watch.

I can’t help to think that these dreams reflect on my fears of being paralyzed, or not being able to use my arms or legs.

There are so many deep layers that I could reflect on. I feel expressing my fears through painting, will help get in touch with those deeper layers. My past, present, and future, all coming up in an acrylic dream. It feels so fragile, like soft glass.

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