Month 2: Physical Therapy for chronic Back & Neck Pain

So month 2 was challenging. We added more exercises and another set. So it was 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise.

I exercised 3x a week. It was challenging and painful but rest is always healing.

I have had problems with my muscles and walking since my back injury progressed in Oct 2019. I know this is a long road ahead.

I am not sure what I am capable of, I just have to try.

Chronic back pain has limited my ability to

Stand, sit, walk, & move for long periods of time

This has affected my independence and activities of daily living.

My goals are set very low but ultimately I would like to be able to walk long distances again.

I would like to try:

  • an adaptive sport
  • Cook & prepare my meals independently
  • Clean my home independently
  • Drive without pain or discomfort
  • Be able to take my wheelchair In/out of the car

These are some of my goals. The hardest part of the journey is going through the pain and discerning if your helping your body or causing more pain.

The more I embrace rest, the pain can subside in a few days and I am ready to practice again. If the pain is so bad I am unable to walk or be comfortable, I simply give myself another day of rest.

Working out with chronic pain is different than working out normally. Your body has went through so much trauma that you aren’t able to push like you’re used to.

Learning the chronic pain cycles of rest, work, burnout, repeat; is frustrating!

Understanding your body is difficult, but if we are able to learn and listen to what the body is telling us we can work with our chronic pain to find the way out.

Pain wreaks havoc on my nervous system, emotional, mental, & spiritual body. Facing the pain is a hard journey but this is your healing journey. It may look different than someone else’s. Embrace what is here for you to learn.

So far I keep encountering some themes that has contributed to my chronic pain. Things I experienced as a child, that has left me stuck as an adult today. Going through the past and changing these emotional thoughts patterns & behaviors are definitely part of your healing process.

These behaviors are

– People pleasing

– Fawning

– Asking for help

– Not being in touch with Self & needs

Healing is a whole human experience. You can’t alter the physical the body without also changing the inner self. The same goes for the inner body.

Confidence glows from the inside out. Physical therapy is making me feel more resilient, stronger, confident, & energetic. Movement is so important and apart of life.

I hope your able to find movement that is working with you and your chronic pain, too! I hope your transforming into the new you that is

Taking care of yourself

Nourishing your body

Practicing boundaries

Saying “No”

Doing things that you love

Chronic pain is a lifestyle and it requires you to show up everyday.

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Teaching self care practices with the principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, & Sound Healing

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