Month 2: Physical Therapy for chronic Back & Neck Pain

So month 2 was challenging. We added more exercises and another set. So it was 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. I exercised 3x a week. It was challenging and painful but rest is always healing. I have had problems with my muscles and walking since my back injury progressed in Oct 2019.Continue reading “Month 2: Physical Therapy for chronic Back & Neck Pain”

My Daily Yoga Routine For Chronic Back Pain

After a severe chronic back & neck pain flare, I was unable to move for 3 months. I slowly created a yoga routine that helps me maintain flexibility & strength without causing harm to my body.

Please try out this routine for yourself & let me know if it helps you too!

Healing is a Journey

I had another debilitating episode last month. It was close to the June New Moon. I did learn that Walking and a lot of heel and big toe activation is a trigger. Recovering from this episode was easier than the last. I felt I could handle it better. Though, I do hate the feeling ofContinue reading “Healing is a Journey”

Bath Salts

Since we have moved out of a small 460sqft home into a regular sized house I can say that I have truly missed a bath tub. Since finding out I have re-herniated my L5-S1, I have been getting into the magic of baths and bath salts. So much, that I love making my own BathContinue reading “Bath Salts”