Sadhana: Self Realization

The description of Sadhana in the book was very long and detailed. Yet, very inspiring and exciting. Sadhana is a self discipline to experience and realize yourself. You master your mind and soften your ego over your thoughts and emotions. The goal is awareness, consciousness and the ability to live as a fulfilled individual. YouContinue reading “Sadhana: Self Realization”

Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance

The more I am learning the more I have discovered about the misconception of Kundalini and Yoga. Kundalini is about experiencing the energy of the glandular system and syncing that energy with the nervous system to create a sensitivity that the brain receives and integrates them. The practice of Kundalini is still yet to beContinue reading “Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance”

Kundalini Yoga

Learning is Key I recently just purchased this book “Kudalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines: Create your Daily Spiritual Practice” by Yogi Bhajan. It is a manual written for self practitioners to learn the Kundalini way.   What is Kundalini Yoga? Kundalini Yoga is the ultimate practice of self awareness. With the use of breathing techniques, mudras, eyeContinue reading “Kundalini Yoga”