Week 3: Scale Fluctuation

Is my scale broken? or is it just me. My weigh in for Sunday 20 Jan was 150lbs. 2lbs up since week 1! WTF! This can be frustrating but know that it is normal. Yes, the scale can lie! but then again it never lies. Scale fluctuation is caused by multiple things. For instance whatContinue reading “Week 3: Scale Fluctuation”

Compost: Dig & Drop

Last week I had a goal to recycle more and create a compost area. Last week I accomplished the goal of recycling more. So this week I will be composting. There are so many different types of composting bin, trench, pile, and worm. I am sure there are more than I listed but the oneContinue reading “Compost: Dig & Drop”

Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water

So week 2 shopping took place at Albertson’s Market. I figured since they have a bigger meat counter selection I could get everything else there as well. I was a bit underwhelmed with my trip. I brought my reusable bags, Tupperware, and diy produce bags. The whole time I kept getting weird dirty looks, andContinue reading “Dirty Looks, Recycling, and a Nice Cool Drink of Water”

Sadhana: Self Realization

The description of Sadhana in the book was very long and detailed. Yet, very inspiring and exciting. Sadhana is a self discipline to experience and realize yourself. You master your mind and soften your ego over your thoughts and emotions. The goal is awareness, consciousness and the ability to live as a fulfilled individual. YouContinue reading “Sadhana: Self Realization”

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The start of the new year has got me thinking about my zero waste goal. I had a plan of action for step 1 which was to start shopping with less or no plastic. I will starting my shopping quest this weekend but till then I have made my own produce bags out of T-shirts.Continue reading “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance

The more I am learning the more I have discovered about the misconception of Kundalini and Yoga. Kundalini is about experiencing the energy of the glandular system and syncing that energy with the nervous system to create a sensitivity that the brain receives and integrates them. The practice of Kundalini is still yet to beContinue reading “Kundalini Yoga and Human Radiance”