Jenny: Self Care Coach

I had to give up a lifestyle that was unconsciously contributing to my chronic back pain. Being on an Ayurvedic wellness plan allowed me to understand & manage my pain and overall health. I am now working towards being an Ayurvedic Health Counselor to help teach other Disabled Veterans holistic self care methods.

For more information about my work & Ayurveda please visit Ayurveda for Veterans.

In 2018, I was active duty, in the Air Force. During my enlistment, I injured my back and it drastically changed my life. I was losing my abilities and experiencing severe chronic pain.

After a failed Microdiscectomy of my L5-S1 and cervical stenosis, I found myself leaning towards holistic medicine for pain management.

I found Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle changes better suited me & my condition.

As I journey into my disability, I am learning to find joy in the nourishment of self care, the simplicity of travel & the beauty of good company.

Disability gives you the new perspective of your life.

Life is about how you want to live it. Not ashamed and accepting yourself freely.

So each day I challenge myself to keep doing the things that make me happy, make me feel whole, & make me feel free.

Wether it be traveling, dancing, singing, painting, writing, going to concerts, festivals, or camping. There is still so much I want to do, and still so much I want to see!

Don’t Give up On Your LIFE

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