The Waiting Game

I have put my application to get in to the Air National Guard on March 22. This is the 3rd week that it has sat in the same office in headquarters. I am impatiently waiting but feel there is nothing I can do. While I wait I am applying to many jobs and have hadContinue reading “The Waiting Game”

Just get me out of here!

So typical of the military to ruin plans. Last week was just awful. My husband tried to apply to the career skills program but our commander denied his 6 months and only offered 2 months of an internship before he can separate. He wants to be fair and offer everyone the same amount of time.Continue reading “Just get me out of here!”

Plan for 2019

So enough about my surgery I will be giving updates on a monthly basis since restrictions have been lifted. So last week I tried out my vegetarian diet and felt unsatisfied. My meals didn’t seem to fill me up and I felt I was lacking the feeling of fullness. I will be trying a newContinue reading “Plan for 2019”