After this crazy journey of getting out of the Air Force, into the Air National Guard, Back and neck injury, VA claims, Yoga teacher training, and fashion design; I have come to realize that I just need to STOP! Throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I’ve had debilitating episode every other month. These flareContinue reading “Closure”

Let Go

By: Jenny Celli Guarded at times It’s gettin me by no worries, I cry Hidin in sight Protectin my light Dimmins alright Imprisoned all the time I’m stuck here Feel the wind blow Decide to let go Release your SOUL! Cause you can’t live in hate and you can’t live in Fear Shift through theContinue reading “Let Go”

Start Your Practice

The best way to begin a yoga practice is to Get the Equipment: The basic equipment needed to start a yoga practice is a yoga mat. Some other great props to add for beginners are blocks, straps, a blanket, and one of my favorites a round bolster. Set the Space: Creating a space that isContinue reading “Start Your Practice”

Healing is a Journey

I had another debilitating episode last month. It was close to the June New Moon. I did learn that Walking and a lot of heel and big toe activation is a trigger. Recovering from this episode was easier than the last. I felt I could handle it better. Though, I do hate the feeling ofContinue reading “Healing is a Journey”

Deja Vu

My life has changed so much since October 2019. That first ER trip was not the last of one. First off Christmas 2019 was HORRIBLE Reasons why First experience in a wheelchair People thought I was faking Got walked on Confusion Crying Depression Anxiety Had to move very slow Unable to work Was not ableContinue reading “Deja Vu”

Paralyzing Fear

I went to the ER around 6pm on Oct 23rd. I woke up that day with a stiff neck and an appointment to go to the VA in Brockton, MA. I remember working that morning then heading to my appointment at the VA around 1. I remember the campus being huge and offering a lotContinue reading “Paralyzing Fear”

Back to This

It has happened! My worst fear since minor back surgery. I have re-herniated the same disc I had surgery in December 2018 and once again I must face the decisions of my options for treatment. I have just gotten my MRI back but have only read the report. I have no idea how the imageContinue reading “Back to This”