Alamogordo NM

Alamogordo NM is where I reside. Stuck here by the mercy of the Air Force. It is a very small town that is run down and has a high poverty rate. The Air Force base runs most of the jobs and supports the town a lot. There are mountains and vast desert that surround theContinue reading “Alamogordo NM”

Oliver Lee State Park & Dog Canyon, New Mexico

Hiking Trail At olive Lee state park you have the option to hike Dog Canyon trail that is 5 miles and goes up a steep rocky terrain, this trail offers a challenging work out with great views up the “mountain”. The other trail is a short nature trail that is composed of rocks and moreContinue reading “Oliver Lee State Park & Dog Canyon, New Mexico”

Cloudcroft NM

Cloudcroft NM is about 30-45 min from where I am located and a gain of 4,000ft elevation. It is mountainous and has beautiful views. Since it is January it is very snowy and all of the trails are closed. Though there are many look out points that are very picturesque. We spent the day capturingContinue reading “Cloudcroft NM”