Never Give Up

So I got approved to Palace Chase! I got the exact notification on 17 May! Since then I have been out processing the base, submitted my terminal leave and have expedited my orders. I sent the expedite request on 21 May and got them 23 May. I am now facing the question if I canContinue reading “Never Give Up”

Good News Bad News

Finally!! I got a message from Air Force Headquarters regarding my Palace Chase package. They informed me on Wednesday May 9th requesting that I be approved (good news) if I change my Date Of Separation to 15 Aug (bad news). The message read that I either accept the date or if I decline my packageContinue reading “Good News Bad News”

Hurry UP!

I am coming up on week 6 of my palace chase package sitting at AFPC (AF headquarters). I was tentatively approved on 17 April and it has been sitting at the last step (action/review) for 2 weeks. I have called every week anxiously waiting to out process, still nothing. Case Management System and vMPF hasContinue reading “Hurry UP!”