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Journal of my Palace Chase, VA Claims, and Medical Board process.

VA Claim

With all the pain I was feeling around summer 2019 (end of my Active Duty enlistment), I did not hesitate to…

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Hurry UP!

I am coming up on week 6 of my palace chase package sitting at AFPC (AF headquarters). I was tentatively approved…

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After this crazy journey of getting out of the Air Force, into the Air National Guard, Back and neck injury, VA…

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VA Claims/Health/ Education Benefits

My Health E-Vet is a tool from the VA healthcare system. Here you can message your medical team, view test/labs, and have access to your medical records. DS logon,, or MyHealthEvet required to login.

E Benefits is a very useful tool. You can find the status of your claim, find a VSO, access your GI Bill/educational benefits, workforce, and a lot of other important resources. DS logon,, or MyHealthEvet required to login.

AF Form 1962 is used when you want to decline your ANG/ARC pay and accept your VA disability benefits instead. File this with finance at your ANG/ARC base

Massachusetts State/Other

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