My Palace Chase Process

Chase the Palace

I am hoping that sharing this information can help others find their way through the Palace Chase Process.

  1. First thing you want to do is Log into MyPers and read all the guidelines and AFI’s about Palace Chase this includes the links at the bottom. The Separations PSD guide is also helpful to read about the process and if you qualify for this type of separation.
  2. Once you have read the process figure out if you want to join the Guard or Reserves. From there you must find the In Service Recruiter for your base (Note* Each branch has its own ISR, so find the correct recruiter ANG or AGR) You may also want to reach out to a recruiter for the base you will be going to, to find more information on vacancies and unit. This is also a good time to think about cross training or trying a new career. The Air Force will send you to tech school before you report to your unit.
  3. Once you have contacted the ISR and recruiter for the base you will be prompted to fill out forms and gather your information for them ex. EPRs, SURFs, PT rip, ect. Once you have fill out the forms submit them to your recruiters for review.
  4. You must accomplish a 422 which should be scheduled in advance this will include a hearing test and physical which will show you are healthy to keep serving. The 422 is prompted on your IMR you must do a questionnaire similar to a PHA then be scheduled for an in person appointment. Once you have completed the in person review you should get a copy of the 422 in your IMR that will need to be submitted to your recruiter.
  5. Once you finished the 422 and submitted that form to your recruiter you are required to fill out the AF form 1288 that will need to be routed and signed by your commander, the unit ANG or ANR recruiter, then signed and submitted through AFPC as the last endorsement.
  6. Once your ISR has all of those documents and have completed the required forms you are able to submit on Vmpf. You are to apply on the separations link. From there you will select palace chase, enter your requested DOS which has to be 90 day post your application submission, and then write why you would like to palace chase. You will then put in your commanders information and attach the required documents listed in MyPers including the 1288. Once you Submit you wait.
  7. Palace Chase application submission can take up to 6-8 weeks. Call AFPC weekly to make sure it is moving. The process is Palace Chase OPR, Assignments, then back to Palace Chase OPR.
  8. Please Note* you can reapply in 6 months if you get denied.

Don’t Give Up and Keep Trying!

My Time Line

Still Waiting…..

While You wait (tentatively approved)

  • Get AF 988 ready for Separation PTDY you can get up to 20 days. Table 4.5 rule 2
  • Calculate Terminal Leave
  • TAPS, resume/interview practice
  • Job search/apply
  • Interviews/ job fairs
  • Look for a place to live/buy a house
  • Find a college/GI bill requirements
  • Gather Medical Records for VA Claim
  • Enroll in VA healthcare
  • Visit your unit and research benefits
  • Capstone
  • TMO/Travel information

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