Full Moon Waning

I hope you had a wonderful full moon celebration! There is nothing more beautiful and mysterious than the full moon. Bursting with energy we can feel and experience it throughout the day. It is a time to tune into your intuition, release any negative energy, and celebrate how far you have come with your intentions.

As the moon begins to wane we must reflect and release what did not work. It is a time for rest for the upcoming new moon intentions.

So what did I learn?

Card of the Day

Knight of Swords: Do not be impatient or impulsive. Plan and be assertive with your goals, have faith in your dreams.

With that being said……. I got maybe a little to ambitious. This last month was powerful for me. For once in a long time since my injury, I set some goals/intentions and did them.

So my New Moon Intentions from May really took off! I decided to be on a path as a holistic healer; reading more about Yoga has led me to an Ayurveda Lifestyle, I have transformed my house into a beautiful sanctuary, I have been inspired to belly dance, restart my zero waste lifestyle, garden/herbalist, and have embraced my magical side of me. I realized that I am still learning about certain people, and how to have relationships with them, to where my energy is not affected. I learned that at times I can have high mental energy.

My ideas can take over and my mind will not stop turning.

I have to either write or draw my plans or ideas down. I start to become obsessed until I can properly write it down. I got over excited with my vision that I did not plan properly and I spent most of all of my disability check. 🙂 LOL 🙂

It happens to the best of us..

Not only budgeting correctly but planning for self care, rest, and learning. Everything takes time and we can’t always rush things. I found myself shifting times for all the things I wanted to learn and do.

It is exciting to see with such strong vision of what you want for yourself and your surroundings. There is always another New Moon to begin this cycle and start over.

I have never felt this healthy in my back since the end of last year! I feel it has either been because of the warm weather, aligning my energy, yoga, meditation or all the above that has helped me feel amazing. Though with all of this high energy, I must keep a listening ear to my mind and body. Even when it’s both giving me the energy. I find myself sometimes wanting to start working on something instead of meditate or yoga. My mind feels tireless and at times thinks,

GO! But to what?!

There is an underlying anxiety or side effect of this high energy. The Ayurveda routine helps me stay on track. If I did not have these tools I would let my mind override my body, as it has done in the past. I found myself eating faster so I could get to work. I have then cleansed my thoughts so I can process and plan clearly. This last month was quite the learning experience. Now to take everything with effort and ease to begin again


Published by connectedpines

Disabled Veteran traveling with chronic back pain & practicing Ayurvedic self care routines

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